Our memories 

What should I do of our memories,
The ones which you gave me,
I see your cards in my drawer,
I see your gifts on my dresser,
Can it be easy?
To get rid of these memories.

I may just burn down the things,
I may just throw away the rings,
But how do I ever live,
With your smell all over me,

As I lay on my bed,
Staring out of the window,
The stars remind me of you,
The moon so beautiful,
Just like it always had been to you,

The warm mornings are not the best,
The way they used to be,
It’s like going on a meaningless quest,
To get you again to love me,

Oh how happy are our memories,
I hope I could get one reason,
Of why you left, atleast.

Dreamy nights.

Those dreamy nights in Paris,

Oh how can I forget,

Jealous would be the fairies,

When you held me there again,

I heard them whispering,

Saying how lucky I am.

I was from the very beginning,

Oh how do I tell them?

I can never forget how I felt,

Not for another lifetime,

You made my heart melt,

Honey you’ll always be mine.

I wish to have more of it,

More of these experiences,

You keep my heart’s walls so brightly lit,

Something a girl always fancies.

Together we explore the streets,

Lay on a park bench to watch the stars,

I call these as little treats,

These moments we can call ours.

Your eyes

It’s been a while
Since I’ve seen your eyes
I used to stare
Into them all the time
How they would twinkle
When they looked into mine
Where is it lost
Oh that beautiful shine
How can I forget
That they can never lie
They used to tell
Whenever you weren’t fine
Always kissed them
When they cried
I miss them so bad
Their happiness and light
Coz baby it’s been a while
Since I’ve stared into your eyes

Good vibes.

Never stress over things which aren’t under your control.

Always be satisfied with what you have.
Love what you have.

I know it’s easier to say than to do but I assure you that once you get into the habit of cribbing lesser each day, you’ll find out you’re much more happier.

We have a habit of ranting about each and every thing in life

A minor discomfort becomes a major issue in no time.

Can we stop that for once? For ourselves ofcourse and nobody else. I’m simply asking to be selfish which we all are already so good at, aren’t we? Oh don’t deny because I know we are.

How is complaining a little less called to be ‘selfish’?

Well, for starters you won’t waste as much energy which you do while cribbing.

When you appreciate a little, your heart feels lighter and the good vibes you give off to the surroundings or a person are just an added bonus.
Who wouldn’t love that?

So I’m just saying, if you find something which pleases you, speak up and spread good vibes!

If you find something which doesn’t, don’t start your daily routine of complains and keep it a bit quiet.

Try this out and compliment atleast 3-4 people in a day and see the difference.

The difference in your thoughts, the difference in your life and the way you will start appreciating even discomforts.

Let’s give it a try.

Never said I love you.

You always said take care,
Made my heart go haywire,
You always said go home safe,
Oh so many flutters to my heart it gave,
But you never said “I love you”

You would gently hold my hand,
Side by side when we used to stand,
You warned me to watch my step,
Honey I thank you from my heart’s depth,
Yet you never said “I love you”

Once while strolling at night,
You held me close by my waist tight,
The sky was Black’s lighter hue,
And then you whispered, “Baby, I love you.”

Mother’s day 2017.

Why do I need a day to celebrate my mother’s unconditional love for me and my family, her constant effortless work to keep it running in the most smooth manner? Why do I need?Yet as the world celebrates it, I will go with the bandwagon anyway.

So here it is- 

I love you a lot mother.

I dare not to imagine a life without you. You’ve sacrificed so much ever since I was in your tummy, I can only fathom.

I always doubt my ability to become like you, to bear a child, to give up so much on life for a child, yes a child.

I have not been completely grateful to you all the days but doesn’t mean I don’t love you.

You are the greatest woman in my life and my sole role model. I’m nothing without you,mommy.

For there are people on earth without a mother, or without a mother like you, I only pray to God for their happiness.

I really cannot think what my life would be if you were not there in it.

Who would have been my guiding light in the dark?

Who would have taught me manners?

How would I learn to love another human being?

Who would teach me to make the right choices in life by which I am able to keep my head held high?

Who would if not you, mother?

To all the mothers in this world, A Very Happy Mother’s Day❤