January theme “what if” post 2

What if I told you we could travel back in time

Try to change that day to make things right

What if I told you we can be happy forever

Does that idea make you shiver

What if you can never see your bestie again

Does it make your heart pain

What if we can never die

Will you be happy or cry

What if you weren’t even born

Which planet would you adorn

If I told you that it’s impossible to survive

Without the light


A theme for every month of 2018.

Hello everyone who reads my blog.

I have thought of an idea to theme each month on which I will write for that particular month’s every weekend.

So for January it will be “what if”.

For February and the following months, it’ll be a surprise.

If you want me to write on something specific, you can always email me or go to my Instagram and DM me your thoughts.

You will be given full credits for the theme when announced for that month.

I hope I can keep up with my 2018 idea for the blog as I’m a sucker at consistency 😂.

Please make sure to follow my blog here, my social media and also comment on my latest post on Instagram to get your idea selected.

Loads of love people❤

New year, old me.

I know you still won’t hit the gym. You still won’t stop eating the food for taste rather than the nutrients. You still won’t stop thinking about your ex, stalk them, try to text them and backspace. You still won’t control your expenses and lay in credit card debt. You still will hate studying as much as you always did. You won’t love your job. But even after all of this, I know you’ll try to be a better person anyway.

I hope you find joy in life where it never was. I hope you find the love of your life this year. I hope you are able to repay all your loans and be financially stable. I hope you can smile at your own mistakes from the past and rectify them now. I hope you are able to forget that ex who left you in pieces. I hope you start loving yourself before anyone else. I hope you are able to sleep at night before crying. I hope you have a better health and peaceful mind this year and all the years ahead.


Luck, as we usually call it. Coincidence, Fate, Destiny.

It’s the universe’s way of telling you that it works, either against you or along is not guaranteed. But the universe sure as hell works. It has a reason for everything that happens to you, good or bad. You’re here for a reason.

Let’s take an example from a book I recently read, the writer said, a girl being treated for a cancer with not so normal methods to which she shows extraordinary inflammatory response and coma with her organs failing like falling into a deep valley. The doctor treating her has a trigger in his mind about his daughter who took medications for a certain disease which might bring that girl out of coma because those blood factors are the same ones as his daughter’s. He treats her immediately with that medicine and her condition simply improves, comes out of her coma. Who saved her? Luck, chance, destiny, fate, no. The Universe.

Just like when Doctor Who visited 1913, right before the world war to which a little boy sees the future from his watch. He came to know a war was coming, he knew that on the battlefield, there was going to be a grenade thrown at him and his companions which if he dodged, he wouldn’t die. What was that? Universe. The Time Lord himself came to save his life long before he even knew the War was coming.

It is fiction, but I dare to believe it.

During the floods in Mumbai a few years back, my sister got stuck in a society whose lowermost floors were flooded. She was accommodated in a house from where she called her parents and updated about her location and people whom she was with. It so happened that the family who gave her shelter too had a daughter and she was with my sister’s family. How crazy is that? Lady luck I tell you.

Just as the examples here, we need to believe that the universe does work for the good ones. It will help you when you help others. You need to have faith that everything happens for a reason. You meet each and every person in your life for a purpose. You falter, you trip, you fall, you get up, all because of the universe’s energy. There may be an overuse of the word ‘universe’ here, but bear with me.

I must quote Sherlock here.

Mycroft: What do we say about coincidence?

Sherlock: The universe is rarely so lazy.

P.S. I highly disagree with Sherlock in this matter. 😦

Who is a best friend?

Who is a best friend?

Oh, don’t answer that. Let me do it for you. Majority of you think that a best friend is a person who will help you with your problems (usually ‘guy’ problems for girl bffs), who will lie on the couch and watch movies with you, who will have alcohol with you as soon as you say you’re upset, who will get drunk with you and rub your back when you’re puking soon after, blah blah.

It’s so hard to find such people these days isn’t it? Duh.

Such people are all I find in our generation! It’s so hard to find someone who loves you, who would miss you when you’re away, who has your back everytime whether or not you ask for it, who you can share your deepest darkest secrets with and trust them to take it to the grave, who may say shit to your face but shower compliments at your back, with whom you can discuss about your betterment rather than just which guy or girl looks hotter, someone who encourages you to be more ‘you’ , someone that fights with you but never leaves, someone who doesn’t let anyone or anything get in the way of your friendship, someone who even your parents like being around because parents are the best judges of character, someone who doesn’t require social media to justify your friendship, someone who doesn’t find alcohol or drugs as a solution to your problem, someone who understands your words without you saying them at all, someone who would never ever break your trust.

A person who’s loyal, whose influence makes you a better person is the only one worth calling a best friend.

I think I have found her.


On casual sex.

Call me old fashioned but I’m never gonna support casual sex.

I don’t know how people do it, frankly.

You connect your mind body and soul with someone for those magical ecstatic moments which nobody else can give you and you just forget it the next morning like that experience or person never existed.

You need love to connect to someone on the highest level of mindfulness and achieve an orgasm without even touching his/her body.

May I point out that casual sex means you’re prioritising bodily pleasures more than finding a partner who is having the same level of intellect, passion, love and soul as you.

Love hurts they say, in this generation of ours but if you find the right one, it’s impossible not to love them always without hurting each other.

I may be wrong about this or it’s as I always feel, I’m born in the wrong era.

P.S.- I do not intend to change anyone’s way of belief in any way. This post is just my way of thinking.